What happens if the vehicle breaks down or if I have an accident?

The car rental company provides clients with complete 24-hour emergency roadside assistance. The numbers to be called are printed on the rental agreement and on the rental agreement wallet. In many countries, the number is also on the windscreen of the rental vehicle. In the event of a breakdown or an accident, you will receive […]

Can a vehicle be taken across the border?

Certain vehicles may enter neighbouring South African countries, but over-border rules apply, and fees are applicable. Cross-border travel intention must be reported prior to rental to ensure the required documentation is drawn up by the car rental company and submitted to the customer for display at the border

What are waivers?

Waivers are not insurance. It is a legal, compulsory agreement between the rental company and the renter which generally limits the claim against a renter in the event of loss of or damage to the vehicle. Super Waiver: the customer will also be responsible for a limited liability amount for any damage or loss, but as […]